Vancouver was epic!  

Just wanted to say a big thanks to all who came out to our Vancouver shows last week!  Joshua and I had a marvelous time and it was great to see so many of you!  Let your friends know we will soon be in your area.  Check out the tour page for details!! 

Global Music Fest 

Hello Friends and fans,
I am excited to annoucne my involvement with Global Music Fest 2012.  The idea of this weekend is to bring exposure to some of the exellent non profit organizations we have at work and or based in Kelowna.  I invite you to come out to the Laurel Packing house on February 24/25 at 7pm and listen to some great bands and visit some info booths and see how you can get involved in changing your world for the better.  Again February 24/25 7-11pm @ the Laurel Packing House is the date of…Read more

Happy New Year 

Greetings one and all!  I am working on booking a spring tour! A few dates will be up soon.  These are some fun riddles I wrote, see if you can spot them!

I travel the world and the 7 seas, spores ride on me and plant their seed. sometimes I'm quiet or I sing in the trees. the world needs me to cycle it's seasons with ease. what am I?

tho you can't see me you know that I'm there. when you let go of a stone or grow out your hair. And when you grow old you'll curse me I swear for your bosom shall nay…Read more

Fall Tour 2011 

Hey Kids!
The Mark Irving fall tour went really well!  Lots of new contacts and loads of fun.  My favorite gig was this little pub called "The Velvet Olive" in Red Deer.  It felt more like a house concert and there were about 15-20 people there and almost everyone bought a cd and really loved my songs.  Ill be sticking around the Okanagan until the spring when I head out on a cross Canada tour.  Ill keep you posted.  time for Christmas music already! 

much love

Mark Irving

Debut EP 

Mark Irving is headed out on another tour of Alberta stopping first in Calgary to record his debut EP entitled “Memories of Tomorrow”. He has sold several hundred copies of his demo self titled release but would like to release an EP with recording quality that matches the writing quality. Join Him in Alberta for this joyous occasion or follow him on twitter or Facebook.